Fiber Optic Splitter Box 1×16 Full Loaded

৳ 1,800.00


FTTH Equipment Fiber Optic PLC Splitter 1×16 SC Tail Fiber Optical Branching Box Cable Tool

Product description
Operating Wavelength(nm):1260~1650
Port Configuration:1×16
Insertion Loss (dB):13.5/13.7
Loss Uniformity (dB):1.2br> Polarization Dependent Loss(dB):0.25
Wavelength Dependent Loss(dB):0.5
Temperature Dependent Loss (-40~85 ) (dB):0.5
Return Loss (dB):55/50
Operating temperature:-40~85°C
Directivity (dB):≥ 55
Storage Temperature:-40~85°C


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