LC-LC Duplex OM3 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable 5 m(meter)

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LC-LC Duplex OM3 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable 5 m(meter)

LC-LC Duplex OM3 Aqua 50/125 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable

Fiber Patch Cables also known as fiber jumpers or fiber patch cords.Fiber optic patch cable is one of most commonly used components in fiber optic network.
The Definition of ‘mode’ as in multimode refers to the transmitting mode of the fiber optic light in the fiber optic cable core, multimode transmits multiple light rays or modes simultaneously.
Fiber optic patch cords are used for linking equipment and components in the fiber optic network.
Multimode fibre optic patch cord are with 50/125 or 62.5/125 fiber glass and is aqua color.

Key Features

LC-LC Connectors
Multimode Duplex fiber optic cable
Micron: 50/125um
Complete with Lucent Technologies aqua jacket
Bandwidth transmitting rates up to 10 gigabits
All of our fiber optic patch cables feature the high degree connectors
100% optically tested to ensure high performance
Color: Aqua
Fiber class: OM3


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