24 Ports FTTH Fiber Distribution Box

৳ 3,500.00


FLK-FDB-212A, 24 Ports FTTH Fiber Distribution Box is designed for the FTTx project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that include the functions of patching, splicing and passive optic components integration indoor or outdoor environments. This fiber distribution box is typically used with micro PLC Splitter for FTTx access networks.


Protection class IP54

Industry Standard User Interface, be made of high impact plastic

Can accommodate 1×4 or 1×8 Micro PLC Splitter

Up to 12 FTTH drops

Wall and pole mountable

3 inlet ports, 12 outlet ports

With the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions


Widely used in FTTH Access Networks

Telecommunication Networks

CATV Networks

Local Area Networks


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